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chariot de corne KMS  How to hoist your gaff mainsail easily ?


Karver made a new KMS gaff lock to set mainsail gaff up. There are two models of KMS gaff lock, wich correspond to size boat:

Chariot de corne KMS Chariot de corne KMS
The KMS40 gaff lock is compatible with 35 to 44 foods boat. This model was installed on the Hélia 44 and Lucia 40.

How much does it cost ?

 The KMS60 gaff lock is compatible with 45 to 50 foods boat. This model was installed on the Saba 50 and Saona 47.

How much does it cost ?

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8/8 Premier essai du Parasailor sur le nouveau Saona 47 Fountaine Pajot

Saona 47 Fountaine Pajot

How much will cost a Parasailor ? 

The new Saona 47 Fountaine Pajot : Parasailor test

On June 08th 2017, The Uchimata Team made the first Parasailor test on the New Saona 47 Fountaine Pajot.

  More informations about the Parasailor

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