The new « Panda 5000i.Neo » available for the US spec !

GERMANY PREMIERE – The new « Panda 5000i.Neo »

Innovative engine and generator technology with variable speed

Panda 5000i. NeoIn the past two years Fischer Panda has developed its own diesel engine with variable speed. Our aim is to produce a generator with 4 kW that will meet all required exhuast certifications.
The new water-cooled, 1-cylinder engine FPE 320 celebrated its German premiere at boot Dusseldorf 2016. The first generator with this innovative engine will be available in the third quarter – the new Panda 5000i.Neo. … Lire la suite

5/9 : L’histoire du Lucia 40 n°01 – The Lucia 40 n°01’s story

Le Team at Work sur le Lucia 40 n°01- Our Team at Work on the Lucia 40 n°01

Le Team Uchimata (notre Team at work) en pleine installation d’un freezer et d’un groupe électrogène Fischer Panda sur le Lucia 40 !
The Uchimata Team (our Team at work) installing a freezer and a generator Fischer Panda on the Lucia 40 !

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